These 10 pieces gently remind us to trust in His ruling over our lives and help us praise Him for His goodness and provision.

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Bible Study Made Easy: Overcoming Challenges of Reading Scripture

Read the Bible, study God's Word, grow in your Faith with Mercy Create's free Bible study resource!

The Bible offers a beautiful and profound story of God’s love. If you don’t know where to start, try these simple steps when you sit down to read the Bible. Free download: BIBLE STUDY GUIDE

July 3, 2023

Have you ever sat down with a 1,000-piece puzzle, only to find yourself intimidated by the sheer number of disconnected pieces? 

Studying Scripture can sometimes feel similar, especially when we’re trying to see the “Bigger Picture” of the Bible.

We may feel overwhelmed as we attempt to piece together the truths and lessons in it. But we have to remember that every puzzle piece has its unique place in revealing the bigger picture. Similarly, each book, chapter, and verse in the Bible is unique in showing us the overarching story of redemption.

So, how do we move from feeling overwhelmed to finding joy in our exploration of the Bible?  In this article, we’ll talk through 3 simple ways to start reading the Bible and overcome any intimidation we may feel.

How we move from feeling overwhelmed to finding joy in our exploration of the Bible? Download the free "Ready, Study, Grow," Bible study resource from Mercy Creates.

Bible Study + Prayer

The Holy Spirit plays a critical role in our Bible study journey. James 1:5 reassures us, “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.” Our understanding of Scripture is not a solo effort but an invitation to engage in an intimate dialogue with God.

Before we begin, let’s invite God into our study with a prayer:

Dear God,

Thank You for giving me Your Words. Thank You for constantly and consistently reaching out to me, teaching me, loving me, and caring for me.

Give Me Your wisdom and discernment as I read. Give me understanding and hope. Help me be attentive to what You want to teach me.

Keep my spirit humble before You, and remind me of Your goodness and grace.

Help me remember Your Words today, tomorrow, and bring someone into my life that I can share them with.


Download the free Bible study resource "Ready, Study, Grow" from Mercy Creates!

Bible Study + Questions

In piecing together this “puzzle,” it’s helpful to ask guiding questions, so we can have a deeper understanding of the story. As we seek answers, we not only clarify the context of a passage but also uncover its purpose and overarching theme, ultimately learning more about God, the Author, and how He cares for His creation.

Here are a few questions to ask before reading a passage of Scripture:

  • Who is the author?
  • What was happening in history when the book was written?
  • Why was this book written?
  • Who is the author trying to talk to?
  • What seems to be the main theme of the book?
  • What does this passage reveal to me about God? Myself? My relationships?

One of our missions at Mercy Creates is to help you grow in Scripture:

Mercy Creates Mission Value: Grow. We don't just hope you share your faith, we help you share your faith.

One resource we created to help you study the Bible is a free guide that you can download here.

Download the free Bible study resource "Ready, Study, Grow" from Mercy Creates!

Remember, there’s no rush in studying the Bible. And you’re not “behind.” God has you learning what you need to know right now for a purpose. 

Here are some additional Bible study guides and resources:

Bible Study + Accountability

Lastly, we need to foster accountability in our Bible study routine. Accountability is like a safety net—it catches us when we’re about to fall and encourages us to stay committed to our Bible study goals.

Find a trustworthy friend, family member, or Bible study group that you can share your reflections with regularly. This group doesn’t have to meet in-person every week—although, that is most ideal. I’ve taken part in Bible study groups that have met over Zoom! 

Ultimately, you need someone to hold you accountable to read, and someone to sharpen what you’ve read.

Our soul yearns for God, much like “a deer pants for flowing streams” (Psalm 42:1), and when we are reading His Word, we realize it’s “more desirable than gold, even the finest gold. … sweeter than honey, even honey dripping from the comb” (Psalm 19:10). 

Reading and studying the Bible will ebb and flow in your life—please don’t get discouraged! The important thing is we stay consistent. A little Scripture each day over several days is better than no Scripture… for several weeks. 

And don’t compare. How God wants to talk to you is different than how He wants to speak to me. That woman on IG has a different life, rhythm, and worries than you, and even if it seems like she reads the Bible more… God is working in your life and details in an irreplicable way.

For Your Next Bible Study: Free Study Guide

To help structure your Bible study and navigate through common Bible reading challenges, We have a FREE Bible Study Resource, “Read, Study, Grow.” This guide contains sample questions and more to deepen your study of Scripture.

This resource was designed with context in mind. Before you study any book of the Bible, it’s important to get a general understanding who wrote the book, why it was written, and how it fits into the grander narrative of creation, fall, redemption, and consummation. 

When we understand the “surroundings” of the book before we read it, we can get a deeper understanding of why what was said was said.

Download your free study guide here!

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These 10 pieces gently remind us to trust in His ruling over our lives and help us praise Him for His goodness and provision.

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