New Collection: And He Answered

Watercolor paintings on paper, canvas, panels, notebooks, and Bibles that steer our hearts to the the important and life-giving discipline of prayer

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the Ooh's & Aah's happening
over your home decor


Because it displays your faith and Christ’s work in your life

WITHOUT that cookie-cutter feel. 

Unfortunately, you know exactly what I’m talking about: the trite phrases on a sheet of paper or wood block. The passages in cursive that big retailers assume Christians like because most faith-based bookstores and gift shops have closed. 

It’s hard to find faith-inspired art that’s meaningful, beautiful, AND biblically accurate… It’s way easier to settle for another “As for me and my house” than to dig through Google searches. 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

If you choose to compromise with your decorations,

you might miss an opportunity to share the Gospel with your family, friends, and guests.

Paintings hold meaning and memories, and they can be an easy way to start a conversation:

I love this because…

Do you see how the light shines here? It reminds me of…

This scene is special to me because…

This is how I imagine… to look like

something that constantly changes...

You can point them to God and His unchanging love.

Instead of boring your guests talking about the weather—

You can learn a lot about someone by the books he reads and the photos on his walls. 

The house tells the story of a man of faith, a man with loving children and sweet grandchildren who are now teenagers. 

The pictures and decor speak of a life that has known the faithful love of a woman's touch, and the rich heritage of multi-generations. 

This is a home that values experiences and relationships over perfection and advancement.

Ruth Chou Simons | owner and artist of "Gracelaced"

Mercy Creates Original Art Collections

True-to-the-Bible & personal watercolor art that creates an intimate setting for your Christ-centered conversations

The inspiration for my art comes from my personal study Bible—a torn, highlighted, underlined, 20-year-old book that’s been through breakups, friendships, deaths, births, recessions, depressions, and celebrations. And in those seasons, there were themes that stood out to me: 

Cultivate a deeper and more personal prayer life

Renew your mind and control your thoughts 

Have joy and peace in God’s provision and presence

Praise God’s character and work in your life

The Psalms Project

The Psalms Project: Revisited


Art Collections

Names of God

12 Pieces inspired by Philippians 4:8 and Romans 12:2 that gently remind us to steer our thoughts toward Him

150 paintings—one for each chapter of the book of Psalms.

10 Pieces inspired by a few of God’s Names and a verse that relates to it.

31 Paintings the Mercy Creates VIP’s chose as their favorites that created the 2023 Bless This Year calendar and influenced the 2024 calendar.

Light & Life

Of Happy Rest

8 Paintings inspired by the ocean depths of God’s love and forgiveness.

15 Illustrations celebrating God’s love and consideration He gave to redeem us (the Light, His Son) from sin (the darkness). 

Can be used as a conversation piece to share your faith

Inspire you to draw closer to God

Serve as a statement piece leading all other design choices

Have a “Ready-to-Hang” option—no need to find a frame at Michael’s

Each of these art prints...

Give you exclusivity: no one else owns that piece

Add a touch of beauty to your home or office

Now, let’s add that final touch  with a special piece of art. 

The books, plants, candles, and furniture all have a responsibility in creating that cozy, chic, and Christ-like atmosphere in your home.

You’ve done a great job making it welcoming and inviting—a place where they’re not afraid to open the cabinets for a glass. 

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You’re going to love your art, love how it encourages you, and love all the compliments you’ll receive or your money back.

It’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Rachel, I love your work so much and I'm excited to purchase an original piece. I've had this image [“On Him We Have Set Our Hope” from Of Happy Rest] as my screen saver since the day you released it. The image and the verse together really resonate with me in a way I can't quite explain. I am getting baptized on Thursday, June 24, and this is part of my celebration. Thank you for creating art that helps me embrace and share my faith in a beautiful way!


I hardly ever do this! Going to a festival and buy art without talking to my husband first; but they [Light & Life] spoke to me, and I knew instantly that they were going to be in my study room.

Woman at Matthews alive, 2022

Each piece [The Psalms Project] is so beautiful. I wanted to buy a specific one, but I ended up buying two instead! 


Kind Words & Happy Customers

So glad to meet you!

I’m Rachel, and I'm inspired by the big and bold truths found in the Bible. It's such a joy when I hear how women use this pieces to have Christ-centered conversations in their homes and offices. 

With a background in fine art, drawing, painting, graphic design, and photography, each of these paintings are created with the highest quality materials from start to finish.

We strive to faithfully steward our visible and invisible resources to create quality works of art because we know that these pieces are “seeds of faith” that are planted in homes across the world. 

Is original art for you?

Are you wondering if

Prefers to support a Christian artist and their mission

You want a lovely piece of art for your home that has meaning

Loves the Bible and wants a daily reminder of its truth

Enjoys having the piece that no one else has

Enjoys original art and the element of luxury

Original Art

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New Collection:
The Psalms Project 2023

Thirty-three paintings that represent our messy, fluid, “abstract,” coming-and-going days … with an amazing and “piercing through the darkness” God in the midst of them.

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