These 10 pieces gently remind us to trust in His ruling over our lives and help us praise Him for His goodness and provision.

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You’re too busy

to keep wandering Hobby Lobby and Etsy, *hoping* they have the right Bible verse in your personal style.

Maybe this sounds familiar?

 Fast forward

You’ve spent so much time clicking "NEXT PAGE," but nothing’s just right.

Sunday’s sermon was so good! The passage you read was 🔥🔥🔥, and it was *exactly* what you needed to hear. You know you want something to help you to remember it—a piece of art. 

Don't settle, Friend.

NOT a sub-par print that leaves you feeling unsatisfied and just *meh* about the Scripture you connected with.

You want a piece that makes you stop, reflect, and remember God’s presence. 

The inspiration for my art comes from my personal study Bible—a torn, highlighted, underlined, 20-year-old book that’s been through breakups, friendships, deaths, births, recessions, depressions, and celebrations. 

You deserve to be proud of your artwork and what it means to you.

And you’ve been through a lot, too.

That’s why I’m here—

and not an Etsy algorithm.

to create art that reminds you of God’s faithfulness in your life with the verse and style that fits you,

Each of Rachel's pieces in my home and classroom gets constant questions and compliments.

From ‘That's beautiful,’ to ‘How can I order from her?’ and everything in between!

The truths in her artwork displayed in such gorgeous ways is an awesome opportunity to talk about the Lord.

Noelle H. | Owner of 9 Pieces of Mercy Creates Art

Watercolor Art + Theology + Your Home =

“Can I have you just decorate my whole house?
#BestArtistEver #PickAnArtistWithYourAestheticThat

Rachel Hendrick is a modern watercolor artist inspired by the big and bold truths found in the Bible and loves helping how women use that artwork to have Christ-centered conversations in their homes and offices.

Her most popular collection, The Psalms Project, was recently published as a calendar and distributed in Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million,, and She’s been recognized by the Charlotte Hornets, Woman’s Day, and Christian Life Daily, and has created custom artwork for Rescue Her, Sevenly, and The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

When this Swiftie isn’t painting or working… Rachel enjoys cuddling her two doodles while sipping a mocha latte under a weighted blanket as a documentary on white-collar crimes or cults plays in the background. #BasicMillenial 

—Danielle S. | owner of 6 pieces of Mercy Creates art

let's do the math

it doesn’t have to be one or the other—
your home can have beauty and truth. 

I promise

The art and products ultimately have to answer the question "How does this shift my focus back to God?"

We believe that the items that surround us influence what we choose to dwell on. Therefore, our artwork should be created to honor God.

Artwork with Individuality

Verses are carefully researched and selected for each piece. We believe Scripture shouldn’t be taken out of context or used because it's popular or could sell well.

We want you to be encouraged by God’s Word… as God said it.

Artwork with Intention

Each part of the piece—the frame, material, medium, composition, color palette, and writing style—work together to tell the story.

We won’t advise you on a piece, frame, or product unless it truly fits or enhances your vision.

Artwork with Integrity

In 5 questions, you will get connected to a Mercy Creates collection that tells your story + God's presence in it!


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Mercy Creates

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emotionally supports the team with his golden snuggles and joyful smile. He prefers the team take more snuggle breaks but understands that profits equals new toys.


su-pup-ervises the team and holds the most outdoor team meetings. He's the most vocal in the team, and his "Quality Control" sniff-tests are unparalleled.

Rachel hendrick

creates, paints, prints, and imagines all the artwork at Mercy Creates. She's a full-time graphic designer at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, and when she's not designing, she's tasting new coffee flavors, weaving a tapestry, or watching a documentary on white collar crimes.

Jacob hendrick

manages the finances and anything math related in the business—he’s a high school math teacher after all! When he’s not setting up the tent for a market, he’s at a disc golf course, soccer field, or escape room. 


These 10 pieces gently remind us to trust in His ruling over our lives and help us praise Him for His goodness and provision.

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