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Take two of my favorite joys—watercolor art that reflects God’s presence on earth & a cozy Christmas —and combine them into one shining Christmas ornament.

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Beauty & a Budget

A tale as old as time

True as it can be: money goes to necessities like gas & food.

NOT art.

But that moment happens—

you see a painting so striking that it makes you stop your scrolling and drop your shoulders.

I get it.

it ignited something in your spirit, and you know

anything meaningful is worth the money. 

That piece of art, though…

We spent 5 years cleaning up our 120k student, car, medical, and miscellaneous debt (we totally drank the Ramsey kool-aid), so we know the importance of prioritizing a budget.

it’s hard to justify spending money on a luxury item when your AC and internet are due every 30 days.

I bought this piece from you four years ago, and every time I look it,

I feel refreshed.

It’s on my piano, so I see it every day; and Rachel, it’s really brought me through some difficult times.

I’m so glad I have this piece.

Jennifer H. | owner of “Be Still and Know I Am God”

The solution

Mercy Creates
Watercolor Art Prints

Inspirational pieces with timeless techniques

The inspiration for my art comes from my personal study Bible—a torn, highlighted, underlined, 20-year-old book that’s been through breakups, friendships, deaths, births, recessions, depressions, and celebrations. 

And I’m sure that you’ve been through a lot, too, Friend.

Can be used as a conversation piece to share your faith

Inspire you to draw closer to God

Challenge you to continue growing in your walk with Christ

Start your art collection in a cost-effective way

Add a touch of beauty to your home or office

Each of these art prints...

Wreathing His Word

Psalm 23

Joy in the Desert

Art Print Collections

Created, Called, Confident

Five pieces reminding us of God’s presence in our “Desert” days.

Pieces of artwork based on some of my favorite verses.

A capsule collection commemorating our appearance at the 2020 Business Boutique Conference hosted by Ramsey Solutions.

Six pieces inspired by each verse of Psalm 23.

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knowing your space is being used as a tool to encourage and witness others because
 ✅ You made an intentional decision to have art that shares your redemptive story in Jesus Christ.

Feel Confident

& not decorate your home

give up

that same amount to an organization because
 ✅ You have a skillfully crafted piece of art at a fraction of the cost.


for that wood block at Marshall’s


that time to find a new recipe because
✅ You’re done beautifying your home.


through “Christian Home Decor” on Pinterest 


Friend, would you rather...




But we’re not your average art business. 

The average cost of a professionally printed art print? $65

5”x7”’s are $10

8”x10”’s start at $20

Any piece with gold leafing applied is $45

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We promise

You’re going to love your art, love how it encourages you, and love all the compliments you’ll receive or your money back.

It’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Love this verse. Love this painting. A friend of mine has a mother going through cancer and this is such a beautiful reminder that God is in control and He will carry you through.


My sister is having brain surgery in December (2020)... With the pandemic, we just don't know what will happen, and we won't be able to be there in the room. But I'm glad I have these pieces—I'm going to give them to her, and they'll be in her room as she recovers.

Woman at Business Boutique Event, 2020

I’m sending these to my daughters. They’re young, and I want them to grow in the Lord. 

Customer at Matthews Alive, 2022

Rave Reviews

So glad to meet you!

I'm Rachel, the painter and designer behind the Mercy Creates art prints. I’m inspired by the big and bold truths found in the Bible, and I love hearing how women use that artwork to have Christ-centered conversations in their homes and offices. 

With a background in fine art, drawing, painting, graphic design, and photography, you can be assured that the artwork is painted, scanned, color corrected, and printed with the highest quality materials from start to finish. So when you compare the original painting to the print, you won’t be able to tell the difference! I create and print the best because you deserve the best. 

An art print is right for you?

Are you wondering if

Prefers to support a Christian artist and their mission

You want a lovely piece of art for your home that has meaning

Loves the Bible and wants a daily reminder of its truth

Enjoys having the piece that no one else has

Enjoys original art and the element of luxury

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Watercolor & Nativity Christmas Ornaments

Take two of my favorite joys—watercolor art that reflects God’s presence on earth & a cozy Christmas —and combine them into one shining Christmas ornament.

Shop now

Hurry! Limited stock available