The Psalms Project

This digital Bible study sends you chapters from the book of Psalms straight to your phone. It’s a reading plan that’s just as easy to open as that Sign-Up Genius snack sheet.

Each chapter has a 1–5 minute reading time and you can read it whenever and wherever—at the soccer field, the drive-through lane, in the grocery pick up… 

… no need to rearrange space on your kitchen table just to read the Bible. 

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Launching Summer 2023

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I am amazed with your guiding us... what we can understand about God! I never really studied the Psalms, but am learning how He was there all the time...thank you! Psalms is beginning to really make sense to me.


 It's been a rewarding experience reading through the Psalms. It's quite encouraging and I sincerely appreciate you for creating this project. It's a great opportunity to be a part of it. Going through the Psalms so far, has encouraged my faith in Christ and strengthened my knowledge about the diverse good nature of God. It has thought me how God relates with His people and the wide range of mercies He exhibits. Through Christ, the salvation He provides is full and secure. It has made me love the words of the scripture more.