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If you’re anything like me… you like to set goals! And not just any goals, but goals that really challenge you and push you to your limits.

As you think and set goals for yourself, include your spiritual life—how can you challenge yourself to learn more about God and His Word?

To get your mind going, here are 10 goals that can inspire your goal setting:

  1. Memorize 1 verse or passage each month

  2. Write out a prayer 3 times a week

  3. Read a chapter from Proverbs each morning

  4. Pray with my spouse once a week

  5. Invite 6 friends to church (1 invitation every other month)

  6. Pray with my kids on school nights

  7. Tell 12 friends a GOOD thing God has done in my life (1 friend, 1 thing each month)

  8. Volunteer at my church once a month

  9. Read 4 theological books (1 book every quarter)

  10. Listen to 1 theological podcast each week

If you need more inspiration or want to challenge yourself further… then here’s a free guide with 50 goals you can set for yourself!

Free Goal Guide

A free resource with 50 practical and and easy ideas to grow your faith.

Download your free goal guide here!

These goals are meant to be a springboard—adjust them as your schedule and commitments change over the year. Take only 2–3 at a time, depending on the goal, and break it down even further into monthly, weekly, or daily actionable steps. If you’re able and willing, share your goals with a friend or family member—when we speak it aloud to someone else, we’re more likely to follow through!

Please don’t get discouraged if you don’t see immediate results—Satan often uses that discouragement to paralyze and keep you stuck. God blesses the faithful and obedient, and He will make sure you are protected as you move closer and closer to Him.

If you downloaded the goal guide, please let me know, and how it helped you! Send me an email with what you goals you chose to set.

What are other goals you have for your faith? Do you set long-term goals or short-term goals?

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