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Celebrate victories. Mercy Creates

When was the last time you celebrated an achievement or a good thing that happened?It’s normal for people to joke around that they can barely remember last week or the day before, and as a business owner, it becomes even more frustrating when there is silence in the inbox: no new sales, no painting inquiries, no comments on Instagram, nothing. These slow periods often make me wonder if anyone likes me? Or my work? Or if I should close everything down?

In 2017, I started writing down anything and everything in my planner that was good in the world of Mercy Creates.

  • On November 27, I received an Etsy order.

  • On December 14, I received an Etsy order.

  • On January 30, 2018, I filled out an application to write an article for a magazine.

  • On February 18, a large Instagram account reposted my artwork.

  • On April 14, I hit 1,000 followers on Instagram.

This “Victories List” stays close to me—in my planner, to be exact—so whenever I need a reminder that there have been good moments in the business, I can pull it out and remember that moment.

Celebrating Every Victory Reminds You of Your Goals

It seems a little ridiculous to write down the date when I reached 1,000 Instagram followers, doesn’t it?

Yes, especially when you’re supposed to “Set your mind on things above and not on things below,” or realize “Most of them are just spam accounts and aren’t even real people.” You can tell me there are more “important” goals to set and to not be concerned with followers, but I set a  social media marketing goal for myself in November 2017: “Increase followers by 50% in one year. Instagram @ 698 on 11-15-2017.”

I had to ask myself “Why is this goal important?” Because increasing my audience creates more visibility and provides a higher chance of creating a sale.

“How will I achieve this goal?” Vary content posted and hashtags.

Goals. Mercy Creates

Understanding why I made this goal helped me follow through with my actions steps, and if you’re interested, you can read more about “Creating Your Because” here! When I finally achieved the goal, I wrote it down—on April 14, 2018, I hit 1,000 followers. Five months later, I still feel that excited about that accomplishment!

Celebrating Every Victory Creates More Growth

You set that goal, crushed that goal, celebrated that goal, then… Made another one, to crush and celebrate.

It’s as if you saw the first bloom after winter. You tended to it, kept it alive, and then saw the rest of your garden blossom. Do you remember before that bloom happened? It was long, full of work, difficult, and you wanted to quit. But you saw that little green leaf, you got excited, then you wanted to keep working on the garden.

You’ve created momentum in your success, and you’re more likely to set another goal once you’ve written down that victory. Goals are like the seeds we plant, and when we celebrate that victory, we plant more seeds because we want a garden of beauty not just one single plant.

After I hit that “1,000 follower” goal, I set another goal and narrowed it: “I want 2,000 real, potential clients.” As of September 2018, I’m 60% of the way there! I didn’t want to stop at just 1,000 followers—I want to increase my chances of making a sale which means I need to increase the followers I have on my account. 

I saw that my strategy was working, so I created more content, varied the content, researched more hashtags, varied the hashtags… I worked harder because I accomplished that first goal, and I want to accomplish it again.

Celebrating Victories Can Create a Chain Reaction

Celebrating these victories can cause a chain reaction—someone else can feel so empowered by your success that they, too, want to create goals for themselves.

When you publicly share your victories and invite people into your life, you show someone that goals can be accomplished. Remember when you thought your goals were unattainable? You beat them, and now you’re sharing that it can be done!

This is by no means is meant to brag—I’ve gotten a few messages from women who said that they felt so encouraged by what I was doing that they started making positives steps in their career and life. That was NEVER my intention when starting Mercy Creates, but it happened!

Publicly celebrating the forward steps allowed others to see that change is possible and real. Your victories can encourage someone else to live a healthier lifestyle, work towards that certificate, create a business, or make a career change.

So when was the last time you celebrated an achievement or a good thing that happened? Who did you share it with? And did you create another goal after you celebrated?

Remember the “Victories List” I mentioned earlier? You can download and print the Victories List for yourself to jump start your celebrating. Click the image below to download.

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