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Creating your “because”.

“Why” is such a simple question, and it’s usually followed with a “Because…” But what is your “Because”?

Because is defined as “used to introduce a word or phrase that stands for a clause expressing an explanation or reason.”

With whatever project or goal you’re focusing on, it’s important to know your “because.” When there’s a decided goal and reason attached to it, it becomes easier to make decisions and focus your energy.

Whatever causes that challenge in your spirit... why do you want that? Creating Your Because, Mercy Creates

…because we wanted to give and lift someone’s burden.

Jake and I had a goal of becoming debt free—we didn’t want over 60% of our combined income going to another company. We wanted that money to stay put in our bank account, so we could use it when and how we wanted.

To me, getting rid of our debt was somewhat unattainable due to what we had in resources. How were we supposed to attain $0 in debt when we currently had $120,000 in debt with barely making, combined, $45,000 annually? Tell me, that’s not a Goliath-like goal.

We floated around with our debt paying, but we weren’t actively pursuing this goal. Our “because” was good—we just wanted to be debt free—but it wasn’t specific enough to create passion.

We had this goal at the beginning of our marriage, but it wasn’t until three years later that we became even more serious and intentional about that goal. You can read more about our debt free story here, and that gift then became our because: We wanted to become debt free because we wanted to do the same thing we experienced—give and lift someone’s financial burden.

The perspective changed from “us” and how we would benefit to “them” and how they would benefit. We FELT that burden lifted from our shoulders, and we wanted to LIFT it from others and to do that, we couldn’t have our debt controlling our money.

With that new perspective and attitude shift, we became hungry. We wanted so desperately to give that same burden-lifting feeling to others, so we became even more intentional and passionate about achieving our goal.

The perspective changed from us and how we would benefit to them and how they would benefit, Creating Your Because, Mercy Creates

When we made that committment, we changed our lifestyle. We said “No” to multiple people, offers, items, sales, discounts, deals… Everything. I left Facebook bargain groups, unsubscribed from store emails, and left some social media accounts. We were constantly saying “No” to offers, and we lived such boring lives! We were 26/27 year old Millenials staying in every day and night, but we had a goal in mind and wanted to attain it.

Identify your “because”

Your goals and dreams can be as big or small as you want them to be. They can be practical or fun. They can be achievable in five years or done in two months. It’s totally up to you, and it’s going to be totally 100% you—no one else is going to want the same thing with the same reasons as you. It’s unique and possibly only achievable by you.

Let’s think about what we want…

What is something that’s on your bucket list, that seems so unattainable, that you desperately want to do?

  • Do you want to hike the Appalachian trail?

  • Do you want to start your own business?

  • Do you want to snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef?

  • Do you want to have that one shopping trip where you buy Burberry, Fenty, Kate Spade, Tiffany’s, and stop at the Cheesecake Factory for food?

  • Do you want to own a car that has air conditioning, a working radio, and good windshield wipers?

Or what situations cause you deep emotion that you want to change?

  • Is it knowing girls are facing gendercide in India?

  • Is it young children are having to take on “adult responsibilities” instead of being “just kids”?

  • Is it that close to 50% of married couples get a divorce?

  • Is it veterans are having a hard time re-adjusting to “normal” life?

Whatever it is that causes the excitement, joy, anger, sadness—that challenge in your spirit—now think why do you want that?

I want to snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef because… there is an incredible beauty in the ocean, and specifically, the Great Barrier Reef is the pinnacle of that deep sea world.”

I want to own a fully working and healthy car because… my current car is unsafe, and I hate feeling so anxious driving on the road and not knowing if it will break down.”

I want to create a safe and fun experience when children are traveling because… I know what it feels like to feel anxious and scared when traveling alone.”

I want to do something children are not threatened with performing sexual acts for money because… I can’t imagine my younger sibling having to face that pressure and responsibility. I want him/her to enjoy a childhood.”

We wanted to become debt free because we wanted to do the same thing we experienced—give and lift someone's financial burden, Creating Your Because, Mercy Creates

It will take some “soul searching,” reflecting, and deep questions to realize and finalize your “because,” so don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t come immediately. Remember my “because” for becoming debt-free? I didn’t come to that reasoning until three months after we had been given our gift, and I was on a treadmill! It didn’t immediately click for me, and it may not for you—be patient with yourself and really get to the root of why you want to make this goal happen.

Achieving your “because”

There are S.M.A.R.T. ways to achieving your goals, books about habits, articles and Pinterest “# ways to change x-y-z,” and they can be helpful to certain people with a certain goal in a certain situation.

But your “because” is unique, remember? It’s part of who you are, your passions, and your dreams. There is probably no one else on this planet who has the exact same passion and “because” like you, so don’t expect to achieve your “because” exactly like Maryanna or Jimmy or Rebecca did.

I definitely searched, researched, asked, listened—anything and everything I could to find ways to help us reach our goal, and in the end, it came down to three things:

  1. We eliminated distractions (no going out, unsubscribing from emails, packing lunches).

  2. We found support through our friends and family (they want you to be happy and achieve your goals—don’t keep it a secret from them!)

  3. We kept reminding ourselves the reason why we were making these sacrifices. “Because we want to give… Because we want to lift burdens…”

Our steps aren’t found in a lot of those books, articles, and how-to posts, but it’s what worked for us and our family. Don’t get discouraged if the first few action steps aren’t showing results or if you have to reset your action steps. It will take time, trial and error, and counseling, but you’ll find a way to get to your goal.

Just Do it!

So what are you currently brainstorming and wanting to achieve? Why do you want to achieve it? Send me an email or comment below, and let’s work through it together!

1. Eliminate distractions 2. Find support 3. Remind yourself, Creating Your Because, Mercy Creates

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  1. Julie Haider says:

    I love this! What a great reminder to stay focused on the goal and move forward!

  2. love it! Such great content!

  3. […] made this goal helped me follow through with my actions steps, and if you’re interested, you can read more about “Creating Your Because” here! When I finally achieved the goal, I wrote it down—on April 14, 2018, I hit 1,000 followers. Five […]

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